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Want to join The Rogue Army? Here are some very basic expectations that we ask all to abide by.
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Wed Sep 28 2011, 08:04am
Cracker for life BITCHES!

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1. We ask that you are over 21 years old. This is an adult gaming clan. No exceptions, PERIOD!

2. Be proud of your =TRA= name! Please be a respectful member of our forums and our servers. Treat others with respect and be helpful to others. Wear the =TRA= tag with pride and honor.

3. There are plenty of goofballs here, but please do not be a total douchenozzle! Joking around/kidding is fine to a point here. Don't step on people's toes or you will be asked to settle down and/or leave the clan.

4. DO NOT POST the following topics in our website: Religion, politcal, racial and gender differences, pornography, abuse, or anything else that we may deem inflammatory. If you're lucky, you may get a warning before we ban you, otherwise you will be gone..................PERIOD! Also keep these same topics out of our Teamspeak Channel. We are here to have fun despite any differences of opinion we may have in life...........save these topics for your local tavern!

5. On our servers and in Teamspeak, we expect you to play nice and be a good steward of =TRA=. Server game logs are periodically checked for abusive players. These people will be banned. Be a good teammate. Don't yell at others for being crappy players and use profanity at them. Don't cheat! Joke around and have fun, just don't be a total idiot. Invite other white-namers that are over 21 to join us in Teamspeak, for this is how our clan grows and our servers stay populated and paid for. People enjoy playing in our severs because we are a fun group that treats others kindly and tries to admin our servers to keep the idiots out.

6. If someone is bugging you in Teamspeak, just mute them. Try not to take it to heart and realize that sometimes you may be offended by something said or done without that person realizing they did it. If someone offends you in Teamspeak or the Website Forums, just be sincere and explain that to the person that offended you. This will usually resolve the issue, otherwise please let an admin know.

7. If accepted into =TRA= after 30 days, you become a soldier. If you stay with us for awhile and befriend us in Teamspeak, you may have a chance to become an officer or even an admin. This may only happen if we find you pleasant, trustworthy, and have been around us for a long time!

8. Donations to =TRA= are completely optional. Our severs, website, and Teamspeak channel only exist due to the donations made here through free will. In theory, if every member threw in $5.00 a month, we'd have plenty to keep us in existance. Your donations are voluntary and non-refundable!

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Tue May 06 2014, 07:12pm
Do NOT disturb Doofy!!
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No. edit: hahaha shit I thought this would be lock/sticky. I saw 0 replies. I wanted change. Doofy out.

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